Frequently Asked Questions


What is Phireon?

Phireon is a decentralized blockchain based, global cooperative lifestyle corporation asynchronously managed by member-owners from around the globe through the proprietary Phireon social governance app ™ via direct democratic consensus based on the golden ratio. Think of Phireon as an exclusive lifestyle membership company where the people of earth decide upon their collective destiny and execute it with a proprietary currency. By providing real world Hubs that our members and guests get access to through we can demonstrate a high tech world balanced with principles of regenerative agriculture and clean energy.

Where did the name come from?

Pronounced (Phi-ron or Fire-on), Phireon is based on the golden ratio or Phi in so far as nature itself exhibits this ratio in all manner of enduring lifeforms. It is also a play on the words Fire-on alluding to the notion that it’s time for the inherent energy or fire within us all to turn on and ignite. The golden ratio is also the basis for the consensus model in the Social Governance App™.

What is the inspiration for Phireon?

Never before in the known history of our civilization have we been able to, in real time, track the will and choice of people from around the globe and act upon it in real time. With smartphones ubiquitous around the globe, Blockchain advancements, and an architecture that allows us to implement the will of our members Phireon becomes the first step towards a Type 1 civilization where people from around the world can come together without middlemen and decide their collective fate together in one easy to use app in one commons owned corporation. Welcome to the future.

What came before Phireon?

Xavier Hawk architected Permacredits in 2014 and was one of the first people in the blockchain space to apply asset backing, governance, and the idea of a commons owned currency to a cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Who is behind Phireon?

Xavier Hawk is the visionary founder and architect of the system. Our advisory board and leadership are comprised of luminaries from around the world, all experts in their fields, and some of the most senior Blockchain leaders in the space.

Is Phireon a fund?

No, Phireon will provide the lifestyle of the future to its members today. Phireon’s members gain exclusive access to housing, clean food, sustainable power, and a social marketplace to buy goods and services. In reality Phireon is a template for the future where everyone who takes part benefits from the success of the company based on their work and helps direct the course of that company. Together we can do a lot more.

What is the simple idea of the project?

Join Phireon. Become a member. Get discounted access to sustainable Phireon Hubs ™ around the globe with fresh food, clean power, and other technologically advanced eco luxury amenities. Get discounts to a global market of products, goods, and services that help heal the planet and take care of you. Take part in the lifestyle of the future, and choose the businesses, investments, and projects that the company takes part in around the world. Benefit from knowing that you are part of the solution in spirit, mind, body and wallet.

Phireon Tokens

Where can I learn everything there is to know about Phireon Token (PHIRE)?

You can learn everything about PHIRE, Phireon Global Partners, read the White paper, and view the Deck at

What is the Phireon Token (PHIRE)?

Phireon Token or PHIRE is the 1st crypto asset generating cryptocurrency on the market. Holders of PHIRE will have access to an airdropped percentage of all Phireon Global Partners client tokens that are created. Since Phireon is a client and project of Phireon Global Partners a percentage of all the genesis event Earthcredits created will be airdropped to PHIRE holders. See for more details

What is Phireon Global Partners?

Phireon Global Partners (PGP) is a blockchain implementation and solution provider focused on providing governments, NGO’s, corporations and communities (“Phireon Customers”) blockchain applications that foster security, efficiency, trust and integrity in governance, voting and transactions. Their expertise is in advising and helping PGP Customers develop and implement the best blockchain solutions. To that end, they are developing a proprietary economy management and governance application that can be used to manage an entire nation’s economy and it’s citizens down to the municipal level.

What are Earthcredits?

Earthcredits will be the private membership currency for Phireon, the global cooperative corporation. They have been architected to be, and will be deployed as a stable priced asset backed currency for use within the Phireon ecosystem as a form of transactional currency with redeemable value for those offering and exchanging goods and services on the network. vendors, members, and hubs.

How does this relate to Phireon Global Partners?

Phireon is technically PGP’s first client, and a percent of Phireon’s private currency, Earthcredits, will be distributed to PHIRE token holders along with future client tokens. Phireon is also a demonstration piece for PGP’s platform showing how the blockchain is used properly to manage an entire economy, its members, and potentially the governance of a global citizenry.

How can I register to buy PHIRE tokens?

You can register your email at We will be letting our subscribers know first.

Can I buy Earthcredits now?

No. Earthcredits will become available when Phireon the global cooperative corporation launches. They will be a fixed price instrument. Stay tuned for announcements regarding this.

What will PHIRE tokens do?

Holders of PHIRE will have access to an airdropped percentage of all Phireon Global Partners client tokens that are created, including Earthcredits, Phireon’s private membership currency. We also are researching opportunities to have special access granted in Phireon for Holders of PHIRE, including special events and offers.

When does the Token Sale Event Start?

The Token Sale Event’s start date has not yet been announced. Sign up for Phireon email updates on Phireon Global Partners homepage.

How do I buy PHIRE?

Once you register your email here you will be given instructions as how to proceed. If you are a US resident you must be an accredited investor. Sorry folks.

Can I earn PHIRE without having cryptocurrency or buying it?

Yes, we have a social talent program where you can earn PHIRE for creating content, fulfilling bounties, and sharing our project.

How can I get involved with Phireon’s Development and growth?

We are always looking for talent!