Phireon is a cooperative corporation

Empowered and awakened buyers working together to solve the problems of the world through their buying choices.

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The co-operative corporation.

The co-operative corporation.

Phireon™ is cooperative corporation of empowered and awakened buyers working together to solve the problems of the world through their buying choices.

Simply become a Phireon co-op member, use our Phireon card as you would any credit or debit card, and the transaction fees of your purchases are kept by Phireon and used towards the initiatives and ventures put forth by you and the other member owners.

This means that instead of other card processors getting your transaction fees and using them as they see fit, as it happens now, Phireon keeps the fees and you decide how to spend them. Want to share profits? Want to build gardens? Want to make profitable business ventures to bring in more wealth to the system? Phireon does that.

The Choice is Yours.


Phireon member owners make conscious buying decisions, get discounts, and make consensus group decisions using the worlds most secure transactional blockchain verification algorithms.


Phireon pays it’s members for their votes, comments, feedback and other behaviors essential to running the Phireon Cooperative. Eventually Phireon members will earn their living by helping to maintain the Phireon economy.


The Phireon economy consists of crowd-sourced and vetted products and services that emphasize sustainability, efficiency and resiliency, so you know that you are supporting businesses that are making the world a better place.


No exorbitant CEO salaries, no private board hoarding dragon piles of wealth harvesting your unconscious economic life force. With this conscious capital economic system, you get the benefits you choose.


Simply join the community, become a member, and spend like you normally do. Phireon keeps and tracks everyone’s transaction fees and Phireon members decide together what to do with them. Members make Kickstarter style proposals for the allocation of funds and all the members vote on the most secure blockchain systems in the world for the best outcomes.


Phireon is THE app for todays responsible global citizen using a blockchain powered social governance platform built on smart contracts and conscious capital in a familiar and easy to use format.

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Xavier Hawk describes the power of Phireon

A new kind of organization for the 21st century.

Social Governance App


Phireon is shaped by its global membership through a social governance app. Users can decide their own level of involvement. From the autonomous creation of new proposals, to rating and voting on existing ones or simply exploring the marketplace for member products and services to keep up to date with the latest Phireon activity relevant to their interests.

Redefining lifestyle for today’s global citizen.

I pledge my mind to the respectful recognition of the sovereign liberty essential to human dignity.

I pledge my hands to the creation and maintenance of communal, cultural, and ecological prosperity.

I pledge my eyes to watch over the integrity of truth and justice with acceptance of the natural balance of diversity and equality.

I pledge my heart to the connection that binds all of us throughout creation.

I pledge my whole being with humility and love to the grateful service of all sentient beings and human consciousness, and I will duly act in accordance to the principles derived from such wisdom.

Phireon Hubs


Phireon Hubs offer an integrated 21st century lifestyle for the global citizen. Live, work, grow and thrive in sustainable, regenerative developments around the world. Complete with everything from food production to retail and social services, Phireon Hubs offer more than just guilt-free luxury, eco-consciousness, and an alternative lifestyle of collective independence – they are the first footprints of a Type 1 civilization.

Earth Credits


Earth Credits are the internal currency for the global Phireon economy. Under the stewardship of Phireon’s members, Earth Credits are a medium of exchange for goods and services with Phireon vendors, hubs, partners and member businesses. Earth Credits encourage the value created by Phireon to remain inside the Phireon economy.

Earth Credits are blockchain-based and will be fully supported with a range of transactional forms, from digital wallets to cards, hardware, wearables and paperwallets.

Micro-Incentivization Engine


Skilled labour is on the decline, and with the rise of deep learning algorithms much more human work will soon follow. The traditional model of profits aggregating at the top of organizations is unsustainable. Phireon leverages the latest advances in technology to serve the people of this Earth (and not the other way around), Phireon pays its members cryptocurrency micropayments for their contributions in real time.

Crowdfunding Platform

Investing in Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Associate members propose projects and businesses to the member community. This functions as an internal crowd-investment platform. Experts vet our initiatives, Phireon makes investments in these initiatives, and we solve the problems of the world together. Leveraging the work and industry of our associates we grow together and bring the world forward. We are to the entrepreneurial goals of our associate members what Amazon is to bookstores.



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Bernard Lietair

Bernard Lietair

Chief Architect, Euro (in Memorium)

David Orban

David Orban

Network Societies Ventures

 Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman

Inventor, 4G, Genius

 E. David Ellington

E. David Ellington

Executive Chairman, SVBS

 Jeremy Nichele

Jeremy Nichele

Founder, Gravity Accelerator

 John Robert Sutton

John Robert Sutton

CEO, Sutton Selects


We are building a growing queue of talent for bounties that will be available to the general public for everything from onboarding new members, to design, development, content creation, marketing, and abstract problem solving. In this way, we’ll grow our network and engage the talents of the crowd. Join our Telegram channel to keep up-to-date. Let’s build the world of our dreams together.


Associates, Business Development, Developers, Community Managers, Ambassadors, Agronomists, Finance Experts, Councilors


Upon our successful raise, we will be holding a hackathon to attract devs, bizdev talent and more.