The co-operative corporation.

Phireon™ is a de-centralized autonomous organization (DAO) owned, guided and patronized by its global membership. Phireon develops profitable businesses ventures and income streams with the help of the collective intelligence of its members. Cryptocurrency micropayments are issued for contributions in realtime, incentivizing participation and paving the way for a true meritocracy.

The Phireon economy will consist of crowd-sourced products and services provided by members and partners, that emphasize sustainability, efficiency and reciprocity. Its first projects include ecologically sustainable live-work hubs in major international real-estate markets, a proprietary internal cryptocurrency, lifestyle products for the global citizen and a blockchain powered social governance platform built on smart contracts.

Phireon envisions a worldwide network of community hubs that utilize emerging and converging ecological, financial, and digital technologies to bring meaningful social impact into the future, by improving and investing in the world we already live in.


True Meritocracy

Owned, operated, and patronized by its members, we all build the future together and are rewarded for their work.


Sustainable and regenerative; our products are in line with UN sustainable development goals, including but not limited to last-mile connectivity and universal internet inclusion.


From grounded caretakers to jet setting operators the lifestyle of the future is here.


Asynchronous blockchain-based global self governance in a familiar and easy-to-use Social Governance App™.


Blockchain technology and smart contracts secure your identity, funds, votes, and more.

Internal Currency

Private corporate currency useable at all our locations, vendors, and marketplaces anywhere in the world. Unlike Bitcoin, which behaves as an asset class and is truly a currency in name only, credits are incentivized to actually behave and function as a real currency.

A new kind of organization for the 21st century.

Social Governance App

The Choice is Yours

Phireon is shaped by its global membership through a social governance app. Users can decide their own level of involvement. From the autonomous creation of new proposals, to rating and voting on existing ones or simply exploring the marketplace for member products and services to keep up to date with the latest Phireon activity relevant to their interests.

Redefining lifestyle for today's global citizen.

Phireon Hubs

Live in the Future

Phireon Hubs offer an integrated 21st century lifestyle for the global citizen, by bringing United Nations sustainable development goals to life. Live, work, grow and thrive in sustainable, regenerative developments around the world. Complete with everything from food production to retail and social services, Phireon Hubs offer more than just guilt-free luxury, eco-consciousness, and an alternative lifestyle of collective independence - they are the first footprints of a Type 1 civilization.

Earth Credits

A Global Local Currency

Earth Credits are the internal currency for the global Phireon economy. Under the stewardship of Phireon’s members, Earth Credits are a medium of exchange for goods and services with Phireon vendors, hubs, partners and member businesses. Earth Credits encourage the value created by Phireon to remain inside the Phireon economy.

Earth Credits are blockchain-based and will be fully supported with a range of transactional forms, from digital wallets to cards, hardware, wearables and paperwallets.

Micro-Incentivization Engine

A Universal Basic Income

Skilled labour is on the decline, and with the rise of deep learning algorithms much more human work will soon follow. The traditional model of profits aggregating at the top of organizations is unsustainable. Phireon leverages the latest advances in technology to serve the people of this Earth (and not the other way around), Phireon pays its members cryptocurrency micropayments for their contributions in real time.

Crowdfunding Platform

Investing in Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Associate members propose projects and businesses to the member community. This functions as an internal crowd-investment platform. Experts vet our initiatives, Phireon makes investments in these initiatives, and we solve the problems of the world together. Leveraging the work and industry of our associates we grow together and bring the world forward. We are to the entrepreneurial goals of our associate members what Amazon is to bookstores.



Xavier Hawk


Erik Wesley


Anfisa Bashkirova

Project Manager

William Knox


Nate Wolfe


Gelyana Garyaeva


Joseph Burrier

Lead Dev

Shaun Saunders


Karen Korponai

CEO, Korponai Consulting


Bernard Lietaer

Chief Architect, Euro

David Orban

Network Societies Ventures

Alex Lightman

Inventor, 4G, Genius

Demetri Argyropoulos

Founder, CEO, Avant Global

E. David Ellington

Executive Chairman, SVBS

Jeremy Nichele

Founder, Gravity Accelerator

John Johnen

Systems Engineer, Sun

Luke Pellegrini

Director, Tesloop

John Robert Sutton

CEO, Sutton Selects

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We are building a growing queue of talent for bounties that will be available to the general public for everything from onboarding new members, to design, development, content creation, marketing, and abstract problem solving. In this way, we'll grow our network and engage the talents of the crowd. Join our Telegram channel to keep up-to-date. Let's build the world of our dreams together.


Upon our successful raise, we will be holding a hackathon to attract devs, bizdev talent and more.

Follow as we build a better future.